XTND - World’s First Electric Board with AI

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The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #5 - A few things worthy of mentioning
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 01:20:18 PM

Dear XTND backers,

We’d like to share some of our great news and recent accomplishments with you here.

XTND is one of the 500 most promising early-stage tech startups

We’ve recently taken part in the prestigious technology event in Europe, the Pioneers Festival in Vienna where we met 2500 other tech founders, innovation executives, investors, and journalists that are shaping the future. The event was mostly focused around the future of transport, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. We learned a lot of new things that inspired us how to make the XTND Board even better. And, we’re proud to say that the Pioneers Festival named XTND one of the 500 most promising early-stage tech startups of 2017.

XTND is the dark horse of the most promising young Czech companies

Another of the latest accomplishments is that Forbes named us one of the best Czech startups of 2017. Though we’re not among the TOP 10 yet, the jury composed of investors, journalists, and other experts, say we deserve a special attention because of our potential to make it big. Forbes especially appreciates our innovative attitude and vigor.

We’re very pleased with these achievements and hope that you share it with us. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of what we believe is a promising future ahead of us. Thank you all for your amazing support. Stick around for more updates that we have for you.

- Your XTND team

Update #4 - Frequently Asked Questions
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 05:33:26 PM

Hello XTND backers!

We’ve received great questions from you since the launch of the campaign. We thought this would be a great opportunity to give you an update covering the most important ones about XTND.

1. What’s the warranty for the XTND Board?

Every board comes with a standard 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Moreover, all the boards include a 6-month warranty for the battery. Bearings, wheels, and anti-slip cover are normal wear and tear items and are not covered under warranty.

2. What is the return policy?

We want you to be happy with our board so in case you’re not, you can send it back to us within 14 days with a full refund.* Please bear in mind items returned for refund must be returned within 14 days from delivery. Otherwise, we cannot refund it.

*Customers are responsible for shipping costs for all return claims and are subject to restocking fee of 15% if the board has been ridden or are not in store bought condition with packaging in new, sellable form.

3. Where is the XTND Board manufactured?

All the components of the board are designed and manufactured in Europe except for the batteries that we buy from high-quality suppliers from Asia. The company is based in the US where our marketing and sales team is, but our R&D, as well as other parts of the team, are in Europe. We are working with top suppliers and manufacturers of the longboarding, automotive, and space industry. Our team comprises experts with extensive experience in operation and supply chain management as well as mass production.

4. How do I choose the battery pack and other customized features?

After the end of the campaign, we’ll send you a survey where you’ll be able to choose everything to your liking, including the battery pack of your choice, the color, the type of wheels, and other customized features.

5. Is it possible to buy spare batteries, wheels, and other accessories?

In the last week of the campaign, there will be add-ons that you can buy included in the reward section.

6. What batteries can I choose from?

Every backer will be able to choose a battery pack they prefer. We offer 3 battery packs that differ in capacity. The smallest battery pack is 81Wh with an approximate range of 6.2 mi (10 km) at standard use. The medium one is 99Wh and around 9.3 mi (15 km). Both of these battery packs are suitable for traveling by plane. The battery pack with the highest capacity is 133Wh with the range of 12.5 mi (20 km). As for the weight, it ranges from 1.54 to 1.98 lbs (700 - 900 g) depending on a particular pack.

7. How much does the XTND Board weigh?

The weight we give in the campaign does not include batteries, which is also common with other board companies, because the weight depends on a particular battery pack. With batteries, the weight ranges from 8 to 8.6 lbs (3.7 - 3.9 kg).

8. Is the board waterproof?

The XTND Board is waterproof (the prototypes are not yet waterproof, but the final product will be) so you don’t have to worry about the rain or if you accidentally drop it into water and pull it out quickly. Life happens, we know. The remote control is not waterproof, just water-resistant, but it can be used in the rain, too. However, safety always first so be careful when you ride on a wet terrain. The wheels can lose adhesion in a heavy rain so we recommend taking it slow and using terrain wheels, if possible.

9. Where will the XTND Boards be shipped from and what does that mean for me?

The XTND Boards will be shipped from 2 different warehouses - one is located in the USA and one in the EU. This means that for US and EU backers the stated prices are final and include VAT, i.e. the product should not be subject to any import customs duty in these countries. As for the rest of the world, the purchaser is responsible for any import or other duties.


These are the most frequent and important questions you ask us. In case you have any more, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section or send us a message. We’re more than happy to answer them all.

- Your XTND team


Update #3 - 1st stretch goal unlocked
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 01, 2017 at 05:55:51 PM

Customized boards for everyone

Hello XTND backers!

Great news! In less than a week we already reached our first stretch goal of $200,000. And that means only one thing. Now you’ll have the chance to get your boards customized to your liking.

1. Your name and backer number

We are incredibly grateful for your support, which is why every XTND Board will bear the name and number of its backer.

2. Wheel type

Streets are different all around the world so we’ve prepared a terrain version of the wheels that are equipped to handle even rougher landscapes.

3. Wheel hardness

Choosing a vehicle for everyday commute is important and we want to make your riding experience as pleasant as possible, which is why you can now opt for different hardness of the wheels according to your needs. Some of you prefer harder wheels for riding at higher speed, others want them softer for more comfortable experience. In any case, it’s up to you.

4. Board color

Besides the matte black version (Jet Black) you can also choose a matte silver one (Silver Fox). Choose the color that best fits your personality or matches your iPhone and other devices.

5. Board hardness

We care about your needs and want you to have the best riding experience. Every one of you is unique and we want every board to be as unique as you. Tell us your weight and we’ll take care of the rest.

6. Size of the battery pack

Everybody will also have the chance to choose a battery pack that best suits your needs. Some of you prefer lighter weight, others maximum efficiency. There will be 3 sizes of battery packs to choose from that differ in capacity. The smallest pack (81Wh) has a range of 6.3 mi (10 km), the medium one (99Wh) has a range of 9.1 mi (15 km) and the strongest pack (133Wh) is 12.5 mi (20 km). Moreover, the small and medium battery packs are suitable for traveling by plane.

Thank you all for your trust and support. Let’s reach another milestone together, shall we?

- Your XTND team


Update #2 - Introducing the stretch goals
almost 2 years ago – Sun, May 28, 2017 at 01:21:38 PM

Your wish is our command!

Hello XTND backers,

Quite a few of you have been asking us about our stretch goals so here they finally are! We really love your comments and messages you’ve sent us. We’ve adjusted and changed some of the stretch goals based on your feedback for which we are very grateful. We’re trying to answer all of your wishes and doing all we can to make you happy.

We’ll be really glad if you could help us share the XTND Board with the world and we hope you like our new stretch goals. Let us know what you think.

$200,000 - Customization

Every XTND Board will be tailored according to your preferences and it will bear your name and your backer number. You will be able to choose between two types of wheels (street or terrain) and two colors of the board (Jet Black or Silver Fox). The board will also be adjusted to your weight.

$400,000 - Free set of wheels

Every backer will get a spare set of wheels of their choice for free. Riding the XTND Board is fairly addictive and we don’t want you to worry about anything stopping you from enjoying the ride every day. The wheels are extremely easy to change - it doesn’t take an engineer or more than a minute to take care of it.

$600,000 - Free travel bag

Every backer will get a travel bag for free. At XTND we love traveling and we want you to travel without having to make compromises on comfort or safety. The travel bag will keep your board safe from bumps, dirt, and humidity. It will also have compartments where you can store all the necessary accessories.

$800,000 - Voice control

Not only does the XTND Board obey your every command, now it’ll literally listen to you, too. You can set voice commands through your smartphone or smartwatch to see the miles remaining, the battery status, your average speed, or use it to turn the lights on and off, and many other features.

$1,000,000 - Special surprise

We are preparing something exciting for you, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. We can tell it’ll be huge, though.

- Your XTND team


Update #1 - Reached the $100,000 goal
almost 2 years ago – Thu, May 25, 2017 at 04:15:51 AM

So far, so good!

Dear XTND backers,

We just want to tell you how awesome you are! Thanks to your support, we managed to achieve our goal in less than 19 hours.

The campaign is keeping us pretty busy, but we love every question or comment you have for us and we’re doing our best to reply to all of you as soon as possible. It’s great to see such an interest sparked by our product so keep it coming!

We are really happy to see that you want the XTND Board to happen. There’s strength in numbers and every single one of you matters. Help us share this with the rest of the world so that we can revolutionize urban commuting together.

Thanks again, you are the best!

- Your XTND team